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Maria Careyon

I have learned how to see things from a different perspective in Vietnam. Also I learned that there are many possibilities and new opportunities for me here. Thanks so much for weekly newsletters.

Tim Luu

I was so pleased with Vietnam Expat. The members are friendly and helpful, it was perfect layout for listing my business and very beautiful. Thanks Vietnam Expat.


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We would be delighted to welcome you using our Newsletter promotion program. We have flexible packages for your choice

5.100K VND
Delivery: 4 times
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Contact database: All
Report & Support 24/7
Bonus: Social Shares
2.800K VND
Delivery: 2 times
In 2 Newsletters
Contact database: All
Report & Support 24/7
Bonus: Social Shares
1.500K VND
Delivery: 1 time
In 1 Newsletter
Contact database: All
Report & Support 24/7
Bonus: Social Shares


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Newsletters are email format that will send to member's mail's box. Please take a look: https://vietnam-expat.com/newsletters
Yes. We do sending every week on Thu at 10am.
You will get Weekly Newsletters in your mail box. And you can see your post there
Yes, that's correct. Your posts on Vietnam Expat website will be shared to Newsletters by our admin team. So you can feel free to edit your post at any times

Note: When user click a link from Newsletter then it will redirect back to your full content on the website
01/ Submission
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If you are busy or find it difficult to post then we can help it. Just provide us your content (title, banner, short description, link)

02/ Making payment
You can make payment via Paypal, Pre-bank transfer. See payment method below section

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You can make payment by bank transfer:

Account name: Công ty CP Giải Pháp Công Nghệ Kinh Doanh Thông Minh
Account number: 189057379
Bank name: ACB Bank – Chi nhánh Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam

Or via Paypal: https://www.paypal.me/nbuu
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Hotline: 0913959601
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