If you are looking for a new stimulant to get you high in Vietnam, pipe smoking or thuoc lao will be mentioned as the number one by all Vietnamese. Thuoc lao literally means “drug from Laos”. This traditional Vietnamese tobacco can be either smoked or chewed. A common proverb in Vietnam said that a piece of betel is the beginning of the story but for most of the Vietnamese gentlemen, pipe smoking really begins their story.

How to Enjoy Thuoc Lao – Pipe Smoking

Smoking Thuoc Lao by Pipe

Just need a dieu cay – a pipe made from bamboo or plastic, a ball of Vietnamese tobacco, a match to set the fire, you can get high like the true Vietnamese style. To experience pipe smoking, you can simply go to every drink stalls on every street. Order a cup of green tea, pack up a tobacco ball then put it into dieu cay, burn the tobacco, wait for a second then blow the ash out of the pipe, take a deep toke from the pipe together with drinking some tea, let the smoke get out from your mouth, you will feel extremely “phe” – the word Vietnamese people use to describe the high. You should ask someone sitting behind to catch you in case you may hit your head because of getting too high. You will be also addicted to a unique sound when smoking thuoc lao, it is so cool.