We can help with a wide range of services in Vietnam, do not hesitate to contact us with your request. Our focus is on the areas below.

When looking for quality of accounting reports, clients want to have accurate accounting data to call for investment or the need to complete the accounts and documents before audits, tax settlements … that is when clients need these accounting services as below
  • Making bookkeeping monthly and yearly.
  • Completing bookkeeping available as client’s requirements.
  • Resolving the client’s matters based on tax officer’s requirements.
  • Consulting on setting up accounting systems and management for enterprises starting up.
  • In house/on-site accounting, compliant with local and international accounting acts (VAS, IFRS, etc.) Accounting record review for past reporting periods
  • Electronic account books and registers
  • Reporting preparation, archiving and maintenance of hard and soft copies in compliance with the localand international accounting regulations
  • Accounting supervision
  • Applicable and efficient accounting system
  • Applicable and efficient accounting procedures
  • Efficient internal controls for accounting system and procedures
  • Financial statements compliant with local and international accounting acts
In order to work as well, we will help you
  • Support in contacting and working with local authorities and help your accounting system to comply with the local and international accounting policies.
  • We can support you in handling your accounting compliance system with replacement of your accounting staffs.
  • Assist you to work with the auditors and any inspection from local authorities.
Our group have a local network of audit experts and auditing firms working in Vietnam. Thus, our audit and assurance group provides assurance on the financial performance and operations of your business such as:
  • Financial statement audit procedure.
  • Reviewing financial information.
  • Agreed-upon procedures.
In order to work as well, we will help you
  • Helping your organization report externally on non-financial information, and strengthen your corporate governance procedures with the competitive costing in current market.
  • Meeting your expectation begins with the completeness and accuracy of information contained in a company’s financial statements by supporting suitable experts for technical explanation in details.
  • Tax advisory services carried out by experienced professionals, will help businesses saving time calculations about tax declarations, saving taxpayer’s money at optimum levels.
  • We will help the management build up your reasonable tax planning as well
  • Settlement of corporate income tax monthly and yearly
  • Settlement of personal income tax monthly and yearly
  • Declaration monthly value added tax
  • Declaration and settlement of foreign contract tax in case by case
  • Settlement of short-term and long-term tax planning
  • Consulting about the regional tax systems for multi-corporation
  • Comprehensive analysis of taxpayer’s proper compliance with their obligations
  • Other local taxes compliance
  • Taxes payment management
  • Regularly update taxes regulations and rules.
Thus, we will support you by
  • We can support you in taxes field audits as and provide representation regarding any objections against the assessments of the tax authorities and in fiscal court proceedings.
  • We can take over the preparation of taxes declarations, monitor the assessment procedure, check taxes assessments and inform you about necessary payments.
As providers of professional services about the corporate governance, we also offers the following services.
  • Making the due-diligent of financial statements for client’s requests
  • Restructuring clients to do business more effective
  • Restructuring client’s business in order for M&A
  • Supporting clients in setting up their funding for enlarging their businesses
  • Introduction the foreign funds for Vietnamese market
  • Requesting management reports
  • Requesting analysis on key financial and non-financial information
  • Costing setting up and management
  • Budgeting and forecasting
  • Cost controlling
  • Cash flows reports and analysis
  • Preparation of a financial statement under available financial information and analysis
  • Statistical reports for employees, charter capital, investment capital, revenue
Thus, we will support you by
  • We can support you in designing management accounting system including your requested management reports and analysis.
  • We can advise and support your management in making decisions and strategy.
As providers of professional services in administration of business & document registration, we also offers the following services.
  • Supporting the implementation of applying for business licenses
  • Registering working tax code /permit/visa /residence for client
  • Introducing renting apartment for foreigner
  • Investigating information about Vietnamese market, local companies, Vietnamese products…
Thus, we will support you by
  • We have the local network that can finish job on time based on our good relationship with local governmental officers.
  • We have veterans in document registration to local offices.
As providers of professional services in administration of labor & insurance, we also offers the following services.
  • Payroll processing and calculation of all notional pay/benefit in kinds
  • Regular updates on important payroll matters and local regulations
  • Provision of appropriate payroll reports and analysis in various formats
  • Prompting response to all queries and complete confidentiality
  • Advising on accounting recognition for payroll expense
Therefore, We will support you by
  • Reducing your administrative costs.
  • Ensuring that security and confidentiality issues.
As providers of professional services in well-educated training, we also offers the following services.
  • Training students and employees who require changing their current works for specific cases such as administrative position and accounting position within FDIs at DPTC, DPTC of Dong Du International consulting group
  • Settling the special in house programs for the enterprises in current market
  • Settling the professional seminar for clients within Vietnam or its outside based on the client’s requirements
  • We can help you in selecting an applicable and efficient system/software… in line with your business processes.
Therefore, we will support you by
  • Design and advisory on the efficient training courses for your business.
  • Trial running the advised training system then transfers knowledge and implementation
As providers of professional services in Human Resource, DDC also offers the following services.
  • Introduction human resources based on clients’ requests
  • Supporting human resources for clients within temporary timing from 3 to 6 months in engaged cases
  • Introduction foreign human resources for local enterprises in Vietnam
  • Introduction Vietnamese human resources for regional corporations
  • Efficient work assignments and positions of client’s staffs
  • Clear responsibilities and jobs description
  • Therefore, we will support you as well because
  • We can provide qualified staffs for many positions from low to high grade for the requested period.
  • We have a support team for secondment positions with high qualification.
  • We can support you in reducing your administrative costs in recruitment, statutory insurances and
  • Corporate Law
  • Construction
  • Corporate Governance Employment
  • Foreign Direct Investment
  • General Counsel Services Intellectual Property Rights
  • Litigation and Commercial Arbitration
  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Regulatory Compliance
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