Vietnamese woman creates 70 types of essential oil from agricultural by-product

Doan Ngoc Minh Thuy, 29, has used traditional methods and modern technology to extract essential oils from agricultural by-products with 70 types bearing natural aromas.

Thuy was a biotechnology major at the HCMC University of Natural Sciences. After graduating in 2012, she returned to the homeland with the wish of improving living conditions in the poor land in the border area.

One day, Thuy visited a tangerine farm in Lai Vung, Dong Thap province and found that half of the fruit had been eliminated to gather strength for fruits with higher quality. She picked up a tangerine, looked at it and thought it was a big waste.

She believed that she could create attar from the rejected tangerines.

After a period of research, Thuy set up a production process which she described ‘both traditional and modern’ to produce natural essential oil. With each tangerine, Thuy extracted essential oils with traditional steaming method. Next, the essential oil was cleaned by fractional distillation technology with machines that Thuy ordered from domestic enterprises.