Rau sống- Vietnamese herbs                              

A plate of herbs with lettuce is can be a side dish and also be a part of main dish. When we have  Bánh Xèo (Vietnamese Pancake), Bún Chả (Grilled pork noodle), Bún đậu (fired tofu noodle Salad) and fresh springrolls… the herbs make the dish become more delicious  and unique taste. Moreover, the herbs are the natural medicine to help us prevent the disease and cold by improve our digestive and immune system.

Tía tô – Vietnamese Derilla :

Red violet colour herb content of Vitamin A and some minerals as Ca, Fe,P and hydrocumin,bergamoten, linalool perrillaldehyd, linonen essential oil help our bodyprevent cough, allergy and support in digestion .

Húng quế- Thai Basil

It content a lot of oxidation factors and methy essential oil help us to protect our heart,  control the risk of diabetes and also avoid the effect of cancer. Moreover, Thai basil is good in diuretic and detoxication so it has strong effect in nephrolith prevention.

Rau mùi/ Ngò rí  – Coriander

It has a lot of Vitamin  A, C, B1, B2 and Ion. It participate in immune system promotion including stop blocked nose, fever relief  also the acid ascorbic element in coriander can clean our blood  and  reduce bad cholesterol.

Rau răm –Vietnamese Coriander

 It has quite strong flavour help it go well with fresh salad and seafood dish.  Thereare some oxidation elements in Vietnamese coriander such as carotene, vitaminC, E, flavonoid which help us to raise the immune system and intoxication. In the East medicine, this coriander is quite hot to keep our stomach warm n avoid stomach problem.

Rau diếp cá- Fish Mint/ Heart Leaf 

It has a heart shape and taste a bit sour, fishy but rich Vitamin K help us have a strong bone and reduce the risk of Alzheimer symptoms. Specially, when we usually eat fish mint to avoid the anus infections and take part in the haemorrhoids treatment