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Office space has become close and familiar to many of us. To make a working environment efficient and dynamic, office interior designing needs attention and ideas investment. Let’s see and experience the interesting office space, which is designed by Bel Decor now!

Inspirational Industrial style

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Industrial style has been successfully applied to this office interior design. Keeping the ceiling structure and using black paint for the technical pipes create a modern and eye-catching atmosphere. That wood furniture is combined brings a sense of closeness and harmony to the space.

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The combination of rough raw materials

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The features of the industrial style is that it focuses on the beauty of roughness, space and materials. You can see that the designer uses terracotta tiles to replace the usual gypsum walls. This is a familiar material with cheap price and well suitable with the style.

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Meeting rooms and modern facilities

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Meeting rooms are equipped with advanced equipment and furniture, creating modern beauty and convenience for the rooms. Maintaining the shades of black as the main theme and choosing darker wood color to fit with the meeting room space is quite a nice idea.


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Modern reception space

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The reception desk plays an important role in office design, since this is the place where guests and staffs are welcomed.  Reception space is simply organized with a comfortable sofa and a round, small coffee table in order to save the space.

Spacious, dynamic and high-connective pantry and coffee area

The pantry area is the place for dining and tea-time. Here the pantry is airily designed thanks to the layout of the rational use of natural light through large glass windows.

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The coffee lounge is the area for the employees to gather and eating or taking a break; so the space is designed to create as much freedom and comfort as possible. The feeling of warmth and closeness arises from the color of the wood interior combined with lights. Trees are also added though small pots and hanging trees, which contributes to the lively look for the space.

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