Life in narrow alleys in Ho Chi Minh City

Living in narrow alleys in Ho Chi Minh City can pose a lot of difficulties, but it also offers many unique memories and experiences.

Completely contrary to the wide and bustling roads in downtown areas, the lives of residents in these tiny alleyways can be both simple and challenging on a daily basis.

Motorcyclists usually have to take turns whenever they travel in these alleys, as there is only enough space for one motorbike at a time.

Others are so narrow that even a motorcycle can never get through.

“I recently bought a refrigerator but had no idea how to carry it to my house,” a resident stated.

These alleys also pose obstacles to fire trucks and ambulances in case of emergency, as well as other problems regarding the cityscape, public hygiene, and inundation.

Authorities in many neighborhoods have exerted efforts over the past year to widen local alleys and thus improve the living conditions of dwellers.

The efforts, however, can only pay off if the locals cooperate, as they have to give up part of their homes to make way for the expansion.

Many residents have been more than happy to join hands for the greater good.

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