We are asking parents to help us compile reports on international schools in Vietnam.

We are using an ongoing survey to achieve this.

Our survey will discover the types of decisions made by parents when choosing a school. Your responses will help us compile reports on international schools starting here in Vietnam. Your feedback will assist in informing the flow of families seeking world-class schools for their children.


Taking the survey is a simple two-step process:

  1. Sign-up with your name (optional) and email address
  2. Complete our short survey

In return we will send you a preview of our exclusive reports (expect a delay while we collect data and build reports).


Tuition fee income is essential revenue for the majority of the 9,200 international schools situated in over 200 countries worldwide.These schools teach a total of 5.03 million students aged 3 to 19 years*.

Choice of school is set to impact your child’s future more so now than ever before. This is because we are living through an unprecedented period of rapid technological change.Technology, in replacing people is an important force. It is undeniably the issue of our time.

It is also evident that in today’s connected world, the balance of economic power has shifted toward consumers. For parents this means you now not only have a voice, but a role to play in encouraging schools to discover proactive ways to prepare students for the real challenges ahead of them.

*Data source:


Read our awesome reports and be first to gain strategic insights.If you would prefer to just receive an exclusive preview and not take part in our survey, simply follow step 1 above.


Kidsnschools’ exists to help parents make informed choices when relocating with school-age children. We recognise international families as a single definable group – a flow of parents seeking world class schools for their children.


  • Our platform profitably unites schools and parents in the same online space.
  • Our pages present the education landscape located in cities worldwide.
  • Our showcases are primarily for schools marketing, communications and reputation management.
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We provide bespoke marketing products that serve as a conduit for parents to engage with schools and network with the community at large. 
We are the glue between international school’s admissions and marketing goals, and parents who are enthusiastic to be included and informed. Our focus is on active discovery; we want to know who are the ‘change-makers’ working to influence the future of education, today.