iPhone XS Max price tumbles after one day in Vietnam

Phone XS Max unexpectedly lost half of its value just after one day in Vietnam, with the price falling from VND79 million to VND40.5 million. 

The first iPhone XS Max in Vietnam appeared on September 21. It was displayed at a private smartphone shop on Hoang Van Thu street in HCMC  with quoted price of VND79 million.

VND79 million is a record high price for an iPhone. The iPhone X that first appeared in Vietnam was sold at VND68 million, while iPhone 8 Plus was VND28 million.

Vietnamese iPhone fans always compete with each other to become the first users of next-generation iPhones, and are willing to pay exorbitant prices.

On the first days in Vietnam, iPhone XS Max saw prices changing hourly. It is now being sold at VND40.5 million for 512 GB, or VND38.5 million lower than the initial price.

Minh Tuan, the owner of a private shop in HCMC, said the demand is not high now. While a few people want to get iPhone XS Max at any cost, the majority tend to delay their purchase until the price becomes more reasonable.

At a shop in Hanoi, the quoted price of iPhone XS Max is VND35 million for the 64 GB-memory version. The price level is VND1-2 million more expensive than shops in HCMC.

“The supply is profuse, so the product is not as hot as in previous years, and the prices will be stabile soon,” said The Long, manager of a shop on 3/3 street in HCMC.

The iPhone XS Max model with two physical sims from Hong Kong and China have arrived in Vietnam. They sell VND2-3 million more than products with one physical and one e-sim.

Some private shops have advertised the sale of locked iPhone XS Max at VND25.9 million, or VND10 million cheaper than the international version. However, they do not have products for prompt deliveries, saying that the products would be available in three to four days.

iPhone XS is available in Vietnam with the quoted price from VND31 million, but is not in high demand.

The old-generation iPhone X is still selling well with the price slightly decreasing by VND500,000. Thanh Thuy, a smartphone dealer, affirmed that the demand for iPhone X remains stable.

“Customers still favor iPhone X. iPhone XS and XS Max don’t have many improvements compared with the previous-generation models, and they are too expensive at this moment,” she explained.

Meanwhile, retailers said genuine iPhone XS and XS Max to be distributed via authorized resellers (with VN/A code) will hit the shelves in late October or early November.



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