Interior Design|2-Floor House With Children’s Room Made By Modern Wood Furniture

Interior design is an important step, contributing significantly to the aesthetic form of living space. The style of the home is often influenced by the characteristics and preferences of the living. For families with children, the design must also fit this particular object. If you are struggling to find a suitable model for your home interior, this article is for you.

Implemented by: Bel Decor

Location: District 7, Ho Chi Minh City HCM


Wood – Main Design Keyword


It’s easy to see the modern style is the keyword that architects want to put into this house space. The main materials used in the interior of the house is wood – varying from natural wood to industrial wood products. The appearance of lots of wood makes the house become more warm and intimate, which is also the main purpose of the design. You can see the wood is used a lot, from furniture stuff to the fixed furniture such as shelves, cabinets, wall decoration …

Perfect Combination With Neutral Colors


To emphasize the main material of the design – the wood, designers cleverly chose a perfect background in white and neutral colors. You can see here as the sofa, the shot of the lights, the carpet … which all are in various gray color. The combination is simple but the effectiveness bringing is very great.

Dining Room Furniture Is Simple And Effective


The design of the dining room is simple, not finical but very efficient thanks to the good use of natural light sources through large glass panels. Furniture in the dining room is still close and harmonious with the whole house. The highlight here is the hanging lamp with handmade parts from the local bamboo rattan workshop.

Convenient Kitchen Island

KIT 1a

Island cookers are also located in the kitchen to enhance the convenience of daily cooking. A change of wood material, kitchen island here is used by darker wood, which make it is also quite interesting and reasonable choice.

Children’s Room Is Full Of Creativity


For families with young children, space for this object is very important that parents are concerned the most. The design here is created highlight with a dark green accent that is suitable for active boys. Furniture is also chosen to help the space become creative and entertaining. You can see from a large table shaped like a house, a small ‘tent’, to a shelf full of toys … This is definitely the space that every child dreams.

Small Bedroom Furniture


Small bedroom has simple layout but effective, and is combined with natural light source to make the small room more airy. Due to the limited area of ​​the space, the furniture is also streamlined and selected with the appropriate size, making the room more neat.

Master Bedroom Furniture


The master bedroom has a larger area, which adds more space as you can see here a large and luxurious dressing room. This spacious and modern room is the result of making good use of natural light and arranging lights for interior furniture in the room.


Bathroom Designing


Bathroom design with neutral and modern tones, utilizing natural light and proper illumination, makes the bathroom airy, giving a clean and comfortable feel. In addition, bathroom decoration with a simple picture will help this space more vivid.

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