Industrial Inspiration For Timeless Office Look

Attractive, practical and more visually appealing than ever, Industrial or Garage aesthetic Office played promised role in cookie-cutter interior design market. With a vision that Office is not only simply working place but also art movement, bringing an open and dynamic space to enhance connection among employees, Bel Decor would like to present you an inspired demo with modern industrial vibe.

Hall – Carried Open And Modern Breath


Dark wood floors and clean color palette offer a perfect modern background, sleekly emphasize symmetry elements with minimalistic inviting seat, bringing in pleasant feeling and airy place for the welcome lobby.

Reception – A Modernized Cozy Welcome


The warm glow of weathered wood furniture is indicated a warm historical greeting hall, adding softer textures and color to strong dark metallic and concrete base.

Internal Meeting Area – Dynamic And Comfortable Space


This area, covered by iron grilles and simple furniture, creates an urban pioneer whereas your team will have more inspiration to create, more space to communicate and easily to look outside the box but still reserved.

Workspace – Modern, Professional And Concentration


Industrial design celebrates the useful of office itself structure, extend all the way up to ceiling, enhancing the overall open space concept. Moreover, neutral wood color brings a visual warmth effect to an area that might be overwhelmed by the coolness of metal pipes and black tone leading.

Management Board Area – Reasonable Privacy


The management workspace is properly arranged, easy to observe the workflow while still ensuring the necessary privacy.

Director Room – Modern And Luxurious


With industrial concept, Director Room is kept in a modern minimalist style. Whimsical designed chandelier, jewel-like details highlight the airy room with blind curtain, creating an open but powerful and luxury look.

Manager Room – Professional Minimalist Design


Minimalist concept with wooden furniture and luxurious leather, Manager’s room is a professional workspace with timeless industrial aesthetic.

Master Meeting Room – Impressive Equipment


Over-sized hardwood workstation surfaces with modern furniture and equipment, lending an authentic factory savour and ultimate comfort to this important zone.

Extra Meeting Room – Modern Lighting System And Equipment


Blind curtain leads natural light into space, using jewel-like light pieces and bright metal in addition to keep this place bright and airy.

Pantry – Dynamic And Youthful Interior


The pantry is designed in youthful style with dynamic orange as leading color. High woody table and bar stool locate in the center, creating a tidy and clean place to enjoy your meal or even your work.


Iron-frame wooden shelves are also used as open partitions, displaying books and beautiful small plant pots.

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