Ho Chi Minh’s life and work in the presidential palace

In the last 15 years of his life Vietnamese leader Ho Chi Minh lived in two houses inside the official presidential residence in Hanoi.

During his life Ho Chi Minh lived and worked in various parts of the country and even abroad for the cause of his revolutionary movement, but these two small houses inside the palace were where he stayed the longest, from 1954 until he died in 1969.

In the photo above, he is working in House No. 54 in 1957. He stayed here from December 1954 to May 1958.

Ho Chi Minh feeds fish after work in this 1957 photo. The fish pond is next to House No. 54, which used to belong to an electrician and stood in the area meant for workers serving the governors of Indochina, who lived in the presidential palace from 1902 to 1945.

In May 1958 Ho Chi Minh moved to a small stilt house on the other side of the fish pond since house No. 54 had deteriorated .

Source: VNE