Blog about life in Asia as an Expat : Vietnam

More and more expatriates are choosing Vietnam as a country to go abroad. The quality of life, the budget for living, ease of adaptation are some criteria that make Vietnam more and more popular for young people looking for work, entrepreneurs who have a project or retirees who want to spend their retirement in the sun.

Tips for all profiles: work, retirement, entrepreneurs

Depending on the case of each, issues will be different in the life of an expatriate in Vietnam. The questions of health insurance, the payment of our taxes, the opening of bank accounts, housing are themes that often come back in the first months after arrival. Even before coming to emigrate, it may be interesting to ask yourself these questions to choose the best city to live in.

A YouTube channel to accompany expatriates

Currently only in French, this YouTube channel aims to collect interviews of expatriates of different nationalities to share practical tips:

  • how to find work in IT
  • how to teach french or english in vietnam
  • how to open a bank account even if you have a tourist visa
  • how to start your own business if you have an entrepreneurial project

Tips in French and English

Originally French, the content was gradually translated into English to reach more people. Today for example expatriate pensioners in Thailand consult the page dedicated to pensions to know how to prepare for their move to Vietnam.

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