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Dear all,

If you are high school students and are preparing for the International Baccalaureate (IB) Diploma (both SL and HL), Advanced Placement (AP), A-Level, SAT, ACT, or IGCSE programs, it is no better time to start them in the summer. Education is a huge investment in terms of both time and money, and you cannot just start review the materials just a couple of months before the actual exam date. From my 7-year experience of tutoring many BIS, SSIS and ISHCMC students, it is best to study for these programs at least 1 years in advance, 2 years would be ideal.

My students have achieved good scores for those exams (grade 7 for IB, score 5 for AP, 750 for SAT), which leads them to get accepted into boarding schools in the US, University of Pennsylvania, University of Melbourne, John Hopkins University. I am really proud of my smart and hard-working kids. Furthermore, some of them came to me when they were at the bottom of their class but after a year studying with me, they climbed to the top places.

About my background, I attended High School for the Gifted – Vietnam National University HCMC (Pho Thong Nang Khieu), specialized in Chemistry (one of the very top and famous high school in Vietnam). After that, I spent 5 years in the United States and graduated with B.A. in Mathematics and B.B.A. in Finance (dual degrees). I also attended the Erasmus Mundus Masters in Applied Mathematics in Europe. I got full scholarships for both my undergraduate and masters degrees.

Last but not least, my rates are as follows (the rate in VND is roughly estimated, the actual amount depends on exchange rate at the time you make the payment, usually at the end of each month):
-One on One: $30/hr ~ VND 700,000
-Group of 2 (same grades, subjects): $25/person/hr ~ VND 585,000
-Group of 3 or more (same grades, subjects): $20/person/hr ~ VND 470,000

*You pay for what you get. If you really care about your knowledge, and you want good preparation for university, please come to me and you will see the difference.

**I do not tutor more than 5 people at the same time because it is not efficient.

***I also can help to change the way of studying/thinking for middle-school students, or help people with GRE/GMAT in quantitative sections.

If you have any question about subjects, schedule, diploma, transcript, and CV, please do not hesitate to contact me at 0949727177.

Hope to hear from you soon.