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Ho Chi Minh City



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As a Expat Kiwi/Vietnamese (New Zealander) I loved meat pies. For All expats who love meat pies and have trouble finding them here. Look no more. As you know for the kiwis or Aussies after a night out. Nothing is better then tucking into a Steak & Cheese Pie. I have setup a Pie delivery service called Kiwi Pies in Ho Chi Minh City. Imported NZ and Australian beef. Freshly baked then Frozen to Order. We have a range of gourmet pies from curry chicken to our steak and cheese pies etc, gimmie a hollow if you want to know the menu Cheers…  Email All Gourmet pies 100k. Min Order for Free Delivery is 10 pies. Pies are Frozen to order.