Bai Dinh Pagoda and Significant Records in Ninh Binh Viet Nam

The first and most important thing is wonderful landscapes of Ninh Binh land have played an important role on the development of Viet Nam tourist industry to the world today.

Not only do the marvelous sceneries make you dote on it, it also elicits a precious land with ancient historical relics of ancient Vietnam which is the second thing you should know.

Bai Dinh Padoda includes both of majestic sceneries and spirit values. This is the largest spiritual pagoda in Viet Nam and one of the must-see places in Ninh Binh.

I’m going to introduce you about some records that make Bai Dinh pagoda become a famous pagoda in Viet Nam as well as in Asia. These are also highlights in Bai Dinh pagoda if you visit it. What are the reasons make you decide to visit Bai Dinh Pagoda?

Now, together with Hanoi Explore Travel – Ninh Binh, let’s discover everything you need to know before going to this place. From the entrance fee, opening hours to dress code, electric car and other detail guides.

Bai Dinh Pagoda Vietnam with a breakthrough

Here are something special that attract tourists coming to Bai Dinh pagoda, they are also elements which make records for the pagoda.

Note: Bai Dinh pagoda is located in Ninh Binh province, 100 km away from Ha Noi capital in the north of Viet Nam.

Tam Quan Gate (Pagoda’s three-entrance gate)

Tam Quan gate is considered as a face of Bai Dinh temple. The only way for Bonzes, Buddhist believers, and tourists to enter Bai Dinh pagoda is passing Tam Quan gate

Compared with a pleasing architectural ensemble of Bai Dinh pagoda, Tam Quan gate is imposing, majestic, and harmonious on the position. Each time when people step out the gate their feeling become very calm and untroubled.


The bell-tower shaped in an octagon with immeasurably high 3 floors. Diameter of the bottom is 49 meter and total the height of bell-tower is 22 meters. It carved a lotus shaped lamp support.

Eight sides of bell-tower are opened spaciously including a stair leading to the peak of the tower. On the top of the tower, you have a lookout of the earth and sky.

At the middle of this tower, there is a big bell hanged

A temple worshipping bodhisattva

This is an unusual excellence of an architectural building made of most of precious wood with a system of traditional Vietnamese architectures.

At the middle of the temple stand a statue of Bodhisattva. This statute is the biggest one in Vietnam.

Buddha dharma lord temple

Behind the temple of Bodhisattva, it’s temple of Buddha bringing an outstanding architecture.

The temple lasts 47.7 meters in length, 45.5 meters in width and has a height of 30 meters. There are five partitions in the temple

Especially, this place always attracts many tourists coming here to adore and worship the most majestic statute of Thich Ca Buddha (Gautama Buddha) which keeps a record in Viet Nam

A giant statue of Thich Ca Buddha made from bronze weighs 100 tons with a height of 10 meters. Now the statue hits a record of the highest and heaviest statue of the Buddha in Viet Nam

Temple of three identical statues of Buddha

(it’s called Dien Tam The in Vietnamese)

After climbing up more than 200 stone steps you will reach at Dien Tam The.The building is the tallest, largest, and grandest in BaiDinh pagoda. There hasn’t been any type of architecture as magnificent as this one in Viet Nam.

This temple worships 3 identical statues of Buddha which represent for the past, the present and the future

On 12th Dec 2017 a Viet Nam book of records and National office of Intellectual Property of Viet Nam recognized and issued certificate for a set of 3 statues as the biggest one in Viet Nam

Statues of 500 Arhatsin the corridor

Gieng Ngoc was originated from 1000 years ago

This wall was built in a shape of the moon with a diameter of 30 meters, depth of water is 6 meters. Especially this wall has an inexhaustible source of water

The well is also another record of BaiDinh pagoda. The BaiDinh pagoda has a biggest well of God in Viet Nam

Things to know before visit to Bai Dinh Ninh Binh

Bai Dinh Pagoda entrance free

If you have time and transport would recommend it, but it’s not to everyone’s taste, so don’t feel you have to change your travel plans.

Visiting Bai Dinh pagoda you are no need to pay entrance fee, but It costs 80.000 VND for 2 ways if you hire a electric car to go for a sighseeing and visit tower.

The most appropriate time to travel to Bai Dinh

The most suitable time for Bai Dinh Pagoda trips is in spring (from January to March of the Lunar Year) when the weather is warm. Visitors can combine spring traveling, sightseeing, praying for luck in the temple and participating in big festivals in both Trang An and Bai Dinh.

However, this time is the peak of festival tourist season, so there are a huge number of visitors, which leads to overload and overcrowding. Therefore, if any visitors do not like the situations, they can travel to Bai Dinh at another time in the year.

Bai Dinh Pagoda opening hours

Bai Dinh Pagoda is opened from 6:00 am everyday and usually closed at 9:00 pm.

Bai Dinh Pagoda dress code

Visiting Bai Dinh, you must avoid wearing skirts, short and leggings. Moreover, wearing running shoes and sneakers instead of high heels as you will walk and climb a lot.

Bai Dinh Pagoda map


Tips For Travelling To Bai Dinh Pagoda 

  • It is advised to bring along some pairs of sports shoes instead of wearing high-heels or doll shoes to protect the feet and make it convenient for moving as well. Because of the mountain, pagoda climbing will be included in the journey. Visitors may pack formal clothing when entering pagodas. Tourists should wear comfortable clothing, not tight, sweat-proof ones.
  • At Bai Dinh pagoda, there are many shops selling interesting souvenirs and attractive specialties. However, the price in the mountains is often much higher than that outside. Therefore, to buy local specialties as presents, tourists should go down the foot of the mountains to buy at a cheaper price.
  • At the beginning of springtime, it often has drizzle. In case of that, visitors may bring a small carefully-folded umbrella.
  • Remember to bring some pence when coming to pagodas and donating. Visitors should avoid putting money on Buddha statues. This behavior can damage the beauty of the pagoda area. Instead, tourists had better donate money into donation boxes.

We hope this post helps you to plan your trip in Bai Dinh Pagoda Ninh Binh.